IBIS Company owns a gunsmith  (at 27 Vadyma Hetmana Street)  providing repair and warranty for pneumatic weapons and firearms, including:
    • Diagnostics of all kinds of weapons, scopes, flashlights, chargers, etc.
    • Repairs:
      • rifle services;
      • shotgun service;
      • traumatic and pneumatic weapons services;
      • and other.
    • Setting up and adjusting the trigger assembly.
    • Warranty and post-warranty service.
    • Installation, restoration and adjustment of weapon components.
    • Accessories installation: rails, grips and stocks (including the bullpup conversion).
    • Custom gunstock alternation.
    • Production of brand new weapon parts.
    • Complete disassemble, clean, inspect, oil, reassemble, and safety check.
    • Partial and full metal parts refurbishment:
      • bluing;
      • barrels, muzzle-sights and swivels brazing;
      • removal of outer barrel burrs, etc.
    • Scope mounting and sighting. 
    • Repair and adjusting of :
      • any kinds of riflescopes;
      • red dots;
      • night vision optics;
      • thermal imaging cameras;
      • laser designators;
      • infrared illuminators;
      • binoculars;
      • spotting scopes;
      • flashlights;
      • chargers.
    • Weapons’ wooden parts partial restoration.
And other services.


  Weapons and Optics repair

IBIS Gunsmith

27 Vadyma Hetmana Street
Fax:     044 455-71-70

Phone: 044 455 71 70