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IBIS Company started up its first commission store within its trade network. Commission stores are getting more and more popular today. In this store you can buy any necessary weapons, optics, clothing or equipment at a significant discount. Besides, the commission store helps hunters willing to sale away their older firearms since their collection is renewed with the newer ones.  

Why the commission store? Definitely one can purchase weapons directly from the previous owner? The reason is that all weapons acquired by the store are undergoing examination and are issued certificates. It is much more reliable than buying weapons and prevents you from extra expenditures. Buying weapons at a good commission store you avoid the risk of buying damaged or stolen weapons. Another advantage of our commission store is its gunsmith where you can fix weapons, pneumatics and optics malfunctions. 

As a rule the price at the commission store is not only lower than on the web, but also reflects actual weapons condition. Store’s staffs would estimate certain gun’s condition freeing you from surplus expenditures. In other words you can buy a top brand weapon of previous models at a very good price. If you enjoy the state of the art weapons you should go to the store. But if you think of yourself as of a weapons connoisseur in our commission store you can find real vertu guns at a ridiculous price. 

Documents necessary for weapons acceptance: 

1. Commitment for acceptance (issued by the police or the authorities where the weapon is registered. Commitments for rifles are issued: Kyiv and Sebastopol – at the City Police Department; and regional police departments for any other cities. Commitments for shotguns are issued by regional or city police departments (for towns not subdivided into regions).

2. Rifles and rubber guns require ballistic examination certificate.

3. Passport photocopy

4. Identification number photocopy



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